Helping to build a better society through recreation, sports and charity




Horizon Cricket Club is a registered member of the Canadian Softball Cricket Association. It is a non-profit club established in March of 2002 to play competitive softball cricket. In addition to its commitment to cricket, the club has expanded its horizon to include numerous undertakings in alignment with its mission of:


Helping to build a better society through recreation, sports and charity.


The club is also responsible for administering the following world-class domino competitions each year:

-          The Ontario Domino Championship

-          The Canadian Domino Championship

-          The World Domino Championship

Domino players from far and wide converge for the opportunity to compete in these events for a chance to win domino’s most prestigious titles of Domino King and No.1 Domino Player in the World.


The club embraces Canada’s diversity and has an Open Membership Policy.




In March of 2003, Horizon Cricket Club created this website, www.horizoncricketclub.com.  




In addition to administering world-class domino competitions, the club also organize recreational draughts, chess, cards, darts and pool tournaments.


Players of all skill levels are invited to participate.  Beginners are particularly welcomed - the club offers coaching sessions which provide beginners with valuable opportunities to improve their skills and enjoy these wonderful games.  Intermediate and advanced players compete vigourously for the championship titles.




On January 16, 2005, Horizon Cricket Club launched its Charity Foundation. The club is committed to play an expanded role in contributing to communities, not only within Canada, but around the world.  The club has made contributions to many community groups and organizations and continues to do so the need arises and resources become available.




Horizon gift certificates are available from the club and serves as a useful tool to encourage others to participate in its recreational activities. The gift certificates can be used (redeemed) to pay for the registration fee of any tournaments or activities organized by the club. 




The Horizon Learning Centre offers ongoing training workshops in dominoes, draughts and chess.   Workshops are open to both adults and children and cover both theoretical and hands-on approaches to master these games.  Those who wish to learn how to play and improve their skills to participate more competitively in tournaments are encouraged to contact the club to register for these workshops. 



Horizon Cricket Club continues on its mission of

Helping to build a better society through recreation, sports and charity.