Helping to build a better society through recreation, sports and charity





The club has the vision that its success should not only be measured by its performance on the cricket field; in rankings; or in its role in providing organized recreation for the community.  Horizon Cricket Club is committed to play an expanded role in contributing to communities, not only within Canada, but around the world.


On January 16, 2005, at the presentation ceremony of the 2005 Ontario Domino Championship, Horizon Cricket Club officially launched the formation of The Horizon Charity Foundation.  To date, the foundation has made contributions to several community groups and organizations.


The club wishes to express its sincere thanks to all those who have supported its activities over the years.  While Horizon Cricket Club do not actively solicit sponsorship, any individual or business who wish to volunteer their support can do so in any of the following ways:


(1) Sponsor the club

(2) Sponsor any of the activities organized by the club

(3) Contribute trophies or prizes for upcoming tournaments

(4) Sponsor a workshop organized by the Horizon Learning Centre

(5) Send gifts, prizes or congratulatory letters to previous or current tournament winners

(6) Contribute to the Horizon Charity Foundation


The club operates strictly on a non-profit basis and, through the Horizon Charity Foundation it is committed to help whenever and wherever possible.